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Dan Lungen

Weddings are not simply a selection of pictures.

With my photos, my intention is to tell a story, a true story of a moment lived by two loving individuals who want to share that same moment with family and friends.

Because of this, I love telling the story of each wedding through a collection of images in which I capture the various moments of your day. The unscripted raw spontaneity, gestures, gazes, smiles and... love.

The magic of these moments is what feeds my creativity, my enthusiasm and my wish to tell your story. With each wedding I strive to give passion to a unique part of your life without my presence being intrusive. I simply want to define your day with a unique blend of heart, depth, imagination and technical skill.

30 years of exploring the connection of others through my lens, plus countless awards, capturing your special day, your story is my insistent desire.



Wedding photography is one of the hardest styles to master. It involves capturing feelings and emotions within a photograph to tell a story.


This takes a wealth of artistic skill, technique and experience to capture the subjects at just the right moment a skill that I’ve mastered over 30 years.


Cinematography packages that are second to none. Ive teamed up with some of the most renowned cinematographers in the tri-state area to offer my clients a unique filmmaking experience unlike any other.


The cinematography packages offered are recorded in state of the art broadcast quality, Hi-definition digital formats and then digitally edited to produce the finest wedding films in the industry.

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